Day of the Tentacle is back and it’s… just as good as you remembered it!

Late last month Day of the Tentacle was re-released to a modern audience with updated HD graphics and a modern-gamer-friendly interface. Results? Fantastic! Who would have known dead Cousin Ed would play such an important role over the course of 400 years? Read more...


An idea to change movie franchises forever

A 15 minute short story, where the stakes are lower and the focus is on ideas and characterization (rather than the spectacle), could be fairly economical especially where visual effects are used conservatively and/or borrowed from the feature film. Read more...


‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is a pretty good movie

Edge of Tomorrow doesn't feature the most glorious special effects on earth, nor the epic battle sequences one would expect would be in the film from its marketing campaign. Instead it offers an original premise, an interesting plot rife with twists and turns, and surprisingly strong character interactions. Read more...